East Central Tanzania Conference (ECT) History

East Central Tanzania Conference (ECT), headquartered in Morogoro region, is one the four constituencies of  Southern Tanzania Union Mission of Seventh Day Adventist Church,  and was organized in 2015.

Geographically, ECT comprises of  Morogoro region,  and the northern part of  Morogoro Road for  Dar es Salaam, and Pwani regions extending from the Indian Ocean westward to the famous bridge of Ruvu. The Islands of Zanzibar are also part of ECT. The region has good railway and road networks. However, it is equally reachable through water and air navigation. ECT region is home to various ethnic groups; talk of the  Kwere, the Gogo, the Kaguru, the Rangi, the Hadzabe, the Pogoro, the Sandawe, the Burunge, the Tumbatu, the Unguja, and the Pemba, just to mention the major ones. However, the city of Dar es Salaam, being the business hub of Tanzania entertains people from all ethnic groups of the country.


Number of Districts


Number of Churches


Number of Pastors


Number Of Church Members

The Conference has 59 Districts, 346 Churches, 78 Pastors, and a total membership of 68,955. ECT owns and operates the classic Kitungwa Adventist Secondary School and the one Agape Adventist Primary School, along with four Health institutions; Morogoro SDA Maternity Home and Dispensary, Pemba Adventist Health Centre, and Zanzibar SDA Dispensary. Media ministry in ECT thrives through the one and only Parapanda Adventist Media Centre.

The Conference enjoys the service of President PR. DEOGRATIAS BAMBAGANYA, Executive Secretary PR. SHASHINHALE WANNA, and Treasurer ELDER SHABATU MSAKI.

The entire ECT family testifies to the goodness of God in singing one song Mission Priority its harvest time, where TOTAL MEMBER INVOLVEMENT is the Chorus.
God Bless You.